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Individual and communicative support        
... no 5:00 p.m. administrative mentality

Efficient comprehensive digitalisation
... no medieval mountains of paper

Professional and comprehensive transparency
... no lengthy and analogue solo efforts


Why we started Lelia

We started Lelia Immobilien Verwaltung out of disappointment with the service provided by traditional property management companies.

At Lelia, tenants and condominium owners are treated like customers who don’t have to wait for their concerns to be dealt with.

Owners are personally looked after and have permanent online access to current business information. On this basis, recommendations are tailored and developed to the overall assets, asset management.

Because we did not find such a service provider, we started Lelia Immobilien.


Property Management

To offer something new, you have to be a little different. Qualified university education, many years of professional experience in the financial sector and hotel industry as a basis. Many years of experience as a property owner and client rounded off by classical real estate training (KS/HEV). We know from our own experience how you feel and what is important to you.

Personal like a boutique hotel,
Digital like a start up,
Transparent like glass

Katja and Kai Henke
Executive Director


Administrative, Commercial and Technical Management
Tenant Care Around The Clock

The right selection and active management of tenants is central to the optimal management of a property.
We give your tenants and service providers direct, digital access to the property management around the clock.
When tenants change, we use a market database to set the optimal rent, thus avoiding vacancies.

Reporting is much more than accounting

Of course, we professionally prepare your real estate accounting. But with us you get two additional services:
- Continuous, daily updated financial information through online access to our reporting.
- You will receive ongoing reporting with the annual financial statements, in which you will receive analyses and in-depth insights into your property.

Keeping an eye on the service life of the technology

We manage real estate and technical equipment along the life cycle. Through us, you know at all times how old the facilities are, when they have been maintained and when they are likely to need to be replaced through investment.

PORTFOLIO management

Asset Management, we think for you and your property
Up-to-date reporting as a starting point

You have access to the figures of your property or portfolio at any time. On this basis, you can see current key figures, which in turn form the basis for long-term decisions on maintaining and increasing the value of your property.

Asset management is the long-term view

The current situation is the basis for further developing the property in the future. Coupled with the analysis of the current condition of the property, the life cycle and the environment of the property, this results in concrete proposals for action.

Proposal for action

The proposals for action are discussed with you. After your decision, we implement these actions for you and your property. In this way we optimize together with you the yield, the costs and the financing of your property.


Condominium properties, we take care of you and your property
Owner Support Around The Clock

You are the owner of your apartment or apartments and want quick solutions to problems when needed. Our digital communication platform provides round-the-clock support and information for all owners, which avoids disputes.

Transparency, also in the document audit

Each owner, or exclusively the auditors, check all vouchers online, which leads to transparency and information at any time.

On request: online owners meeting

If it is desired or necessary, owners' meetings can be held online for all or only some participants, in compliance with the law.



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Digitalisierung ist kein Selbstzweck und kann ihre Kraft nur auf der Basis von persönlichem Vertauen entfalten. Deshalb freuen wir uns darauf, Sie kennenzulernen.

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